5 Things You Need to Learn About Plumber SEO in Sydney

The plumbing industry in Sydney is often marked is as competitive as finance. With the soaring prices of Google Ads and a very little conversion with social media, and email marketing, a lot of plumbing companies are now turning to SEO.

Being an SEO agency has its own challenges and benefits. The challenges include being updated with every little move that Google makes with their Search Engine Algorithm.

According to Search Engine Journal, Google Algorithm Update rolled out four times last year. Their continuous efforts in making search better and adding new features for the users is a good thing.

Meanwhile, for competitive industries, the strategies you used a few months ago, might not work anymore. Especially, when it comes to competitive niches like plumbing, every month a new plumbing company is out on the radar. While there are only three spots on the search results that generate the most traffic, more and more companies are willing to compete every day.

In our experience of working with various satisfied plumbing companies in the last 10 years, we have learned a lot of things. This information will be helpful to our fellow digital marketing agencies and plumbing companies doing their research. So, here are our learnings & findings;

Google My Business Helps in Local SEO

In every local SEO strategy, a significant first move is to claim and verify the Google My Business (GMB) listing of your local business. In Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic ranks in general, being on Google My Company will improve the odds of appearing.

Qualifying local businesses can assert this free Google listing and provide their company details, such as their address, phone number, business hours, and approved types of payments.

In addition, Google has introduced several fantastic improvements to Google My Business over the last few months that businesses can take advantage of, which boosts the Google My Business listing and helps to draw the interest of audiences, which will increase how you rank in local search results.

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Local Directories Are a Thing of the Past

Yellow Pages books are fast becoming an artifact of the past, even if it hasn’t already occurred. Today, as local searches have migrated to the web, the circulation of bulky books has fallen to almost none.

However, there is one comparison between web searches and paper directories; consumers will not locate you if the organisation is not identified. If you still have questions regarding the value of local SEO, check out this website today.


These directories provide some value when it comes to building an online profile. However, except for the visibility, the local business directories don’t serve any other purpose coming in 2021. Especially with niches like plumbing where competition is fierce.

Content Marketing Is the Key

Keywords used by people who want to get knowledge about or collect details on a subject are your potential customers. If a sale happens at all, these keywords usually remain at the long end of the revenue period.

For eg, do-it-yourselfers will usually use inquiries such as “how to fix a clogged drain” and attempt to find out how to fix the issue on their own. Although keywords for research purpose would be a lower priority in your SEO campaign, they can be used as blog topics or for your website’s frequently asked questions list.

For example, informative blog articles such as “How to Find a Local Plumber” and “5 Tips to Clear Blocked Drains” do not result in instant purchases, but when they require plumbing services in the future, they may expose your company to individuals who may become clients.

Start From Conquering Your Local Area

The major mistake that companies running SEO campaigns for plumbing companies make is; they barely focus on the company’s location. Logically, the local area has the highest possibility when it comes to rankings on Google. Also, a properly optimized Google My Business Profile might help you in the process.

People tend to start their campaign by focusing on the most competitive. Of course, these keywords have that potential of bringing you a lot of sales- but only if you rank in the first place. Meanwhile, focusing on local areas will save time on travel and provide customers with that reliability factor.

Rankings May Not Mean Business Success

What does a plumbing company want when going ahead with a marketing campaign? -Obviously leads. They don’t usually care whether your traffic growth is 200% or 500%. Not all keywords are as profitable as it looks in the keyword research tools. In short, the high volume does not always mean high conversions.

A dozen of quality leads is more important to a business compared to a hundred leads which do not bring in clients. The easiest way to assess this factor is by looking at the estimated cost per click of the keyword. Often, higher CPC marks that people are searching for that particular keyword with an intention to buy services.


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