Affordable vs. Cheap SEO: Sydney SEO Guide

How cheap can SEO be? Does Cheap SEO even exist?

Good things always come for an expensive price. And considering the SEO of a website, if you find any services for a cheap price tag: you should always consider thinking twice before going with such services.


“Cheap“ and “affordable” can be two different words but both of their objectives are to be described as low cost and potential to save money. However, the core difference in terms of the marketing is; cheap services can not only bring you zero results but has the potential to bring negative results.

In terms of marketing and SEO services; cheap is not the right word. Neither is a good strategy. In context to Sydney, We have personally seen cheap marketing agency destroying the brand recognition and trust of a company.

I’m sure most of us here don’t need to know this, but still, if you are new to this term here it is:

What Is SEO?

It stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website to increase the quality, quantity of the traffic and increasing the online visibility of a website.

Imagine, you are a plumbing service in Sydney and when someone searches for “Plumber Sydney” you are the first one on the page. You will be getting unlimited traffic for years once you rank without even spending a cent of your marketing money.


Disclaimer: Some of the industries will still need SEO services as website rank on search results is dynamic and competitors might outrank you in a few months of time.

Why Companies Need SEO in Sydney?

Among many reasons to get a good SEO service, the best one would be; SEO builds your brand and ensures that you keep getting customers without worrying about PPC ads.

Also, the cost per click for advertising on Google is getting more saturated and expensive day by day. SEO services might not seem to be good for ROI in the first months but as you grow your search visibility and gain rankings; you might stay at the top for years and continue getting search traffic.

What Is “Cheap” SEO?

Let’s start with the beginning of the process. Cheap SEO services are “handle with caution” things. Cause one wrong move on the website can decrease your businesses’ reputation, online visibility, and harm your business.

SEO consultants that charge something less than $500 per month can be added in this category. A good SEO campaign costs more than $150 an hour.

Meanwhile, you are getting things for cheap you can consider that the quality of work being done is not so great. Also, the cheap services allow spammy links an entry to your website. They don’t secure your rankings and can’t afford to watch over your competitors.

The reality is the prices of SEO services in Sydney can be highly altered. One of the reasons behind this is the existence of outsourcing agencies. These agencies mostly fall in the category which you should “handle with care”.

Sydney is considered one of the most expensive markets when it comes to digital marketing. Companies from overseas have no ideas about the advanced strategies what we use here. I have personally read hundreds of articles on why we should not outsource SEO jobs.

I have also heard stories of business owners getting their website hit by a Google penalty. Thanks to cheap SEO service.


Note: Not all cheap SEO services are bad. Some can be trustworthy as well. But depending on the amount of work to be done in Sydney’s market, the amount is really less for a quality service.

Summarizing the story; the advantages (not really) you get with most of the cheap SEO service are:

  • Low-quality content
  • Black hat techniques
  • Outdated strategies
  • Grand promises
  • Poor backlinks
  • Google penalties (finally)

Moreover, if you are working with a company based overseas you can’t even take any legal action.

The most amusing things that help SEO agencies who do low-quality work is; SEO takes time and any SEO company can ask you to stay and keep paying money for a while as your website is going to take off soon.

A good digital marketing agency might also take a lot of time; however, if you are in safe hands you will are definitely going to succeed in SEO someday.

What Is “Affordable” SEO?

Affordable SEOs, on the other hand, are the ones which involve low costs still maintains the quality. However, they are definitely going to cost more than the cheap ones. The reason is:


There are a lot of factors contributing to the SEO; technical, on-page, and off-page are the titles.

More than hundreds of factors involves inside these headings. From technical factors ranging from website speed, sitemap addition to off-page factors ranging from quality backlinks to website outreach.

An Affordable SEO in Sydney can refer to someone who has an idea of the amount of work to be done in your industry. And can strategically plan to move ahead cutting the cost. That’s the only way to be affordable here.

The benefits that you are going to get with quality SEO services are:

  • Branding and growing site visibility
  • No legal hassle
  • White hat methods
  • Realistic goals
  • Long term strategies
  • Measurable results

And! Most important thing choosing the right SEO company may be the turning point of your business.

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