All You Need to Know About Selecting a SaaS Design Platform

Gone are the days when the process of web design needed costly software for designing graphics and several lines of notepad codes.  Today’s web design world is more established at present than ever before.

Actually, it’s a twenty billion dollars industry. Things have turned out to be as simple as downloading a template, hiring a website designer for developing custom sites or using software-as-a-service (SaaS) to do it yourself.

The main thing here is that there are choices for almost all budget ranges and most of the choices are quite efficient. 

On the other hand, the increasing number of web design tools can confuse you and complicate things, particularly if you are thinking of designing your own website.

This is the reason DIY solutions still possess just 3% of the website design market, justifying the fact that there’s nothing like ‘one size fits all’ in the SaaS space.

The whole idea is to select a SaaS design platform that is suitable for the particular challenges you wish to deal with. By following such an approach, you can also save plenty of money. Follow these steps to select the right SaaS design platform. 

Advantages of SaaS Platforms in eCommerce

Cloud platforms for eCommerce allow us to go one step ahead in the following aspects:

  • Quick start-up, since the time required for its implementation is reduced from six months on average –which would require a tailored solution- to just two months.
  • Constant and immediate update, developed directly by the provider. In this way, we do not have to worry about our software becoming out of date or the inconvenience that a technical update can bring.
  • Greater security and protection against computer attacks that seek to take advantage of the vulnerability of certain systems, such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), which make a service or resource inaccessible to legitimate users.
  • Payment channels always updated, according to the needs of the market and in line with current regulations, guaranteeing the security of the transaction to the client.
  • Maintenance of usability standards, due to the obligation of having to adjust to the category systems predefined by the tool based on the best practices established for this discipline.
  • Support provided by highly specialized personnel, which will save time for the internal IT team.
  • Possibility of managing omnichannel experiences, in which actions intersect in offline and online spaces that will all be registered within the same cloud platform.

Understand Your Persona as a Buyer

Select the right tools by undergoing a process that the marketers of these companies generally follow in their own efforts of targeting – persona development of the buyer. If you’re not a designer, but just a programmer, you can benefit by using a template, which is one of the best advantages of SaaS.

If you have strong experience in UX, you may have to find a solution to assist with your brand identity. No SaaS platform can be everything for all so you can also check the best UX design tools to analyze what you require so that you can get an appropriate solution. 

Cover Your Bases Technically

The digital world’s evolution has brought in many complications to the process of web design. The main complexities are privacy, compliance, and security. Ensure that you take measures to preserve the safety of your customers.

Avoid delaying compliance; make sure that you prevent all known susceptibilities with your site. Work in association with a cloud-oriented, third party partner to cover your technical base, if you are a solo website designer. 

Find Out If the Platform Can Also Scale Up with Your Growing Needs

It’s a wise decision to select a SaaS design platform that can grow along with your company and meet your increasing needs. At the least, you should possess complete branding control and power, capacity to service several clients, and offer strong support to customers. Further, your website should be highly responsive on all kinds of devices and load quickly. 

Find out Who’s Developing Your Product

The key to succeed with a SaaS platform is human relationship. When you are in the process of learning how to use the tool, you might require guidance and support along the way.

So, quick and efficient support is essential when you are looking for answers. The company you are working with should understand your needs and challenges.

At least, the team has to care for your concerns. It’s vital to select a team that cares. Finally, great products are developed on empathy.  

We can undoubtedly say that the online space is undergoing a SaaS revolution. However, the fact is that builders, creators, and makers are experiencing even more.

Individuals have the resources and flexibility to power and focus on their skills, thanks to today’s advanced technologies. Coding is no more the foundation stone of creation.

You can create astounding website designs with the help of SaaS tools. With these tools you can develop your website on your behalf!