Best Online Web Design Courses in 2020

Web design has recently become one of the most important aspects of any business worldwide. The majority of the employers and hiring managers are looking for a fine understanding of both UI and UX while deciding on hiring a web designer.

More and more people are looking to learn how UI/UX work, how to master HTML or use other web design tools. The reason behind this demand is of course parallel with the number of jobs that require these skills increasing. 

You may learn how to use the best web design tools if you decide to enroll in web design courses. Since the demand is increasing fast, you may find plenty of responsive web design courses both online and offline. While some of them are offered by highly professional web designers, some of them might just be a waste of time and money. 

In order to avoid that, we have made a good amount of research and have found the best 12 web design courses you may attend and graduate as highly qualified web designers. Each of them is a very professional course and if you are a marketer or a designer who is looking for one to improve yourself, you may decide the one after having a look at them.

Here are the 11 best web design courses in 2020.

Top 11 Web Design Courses from the Best Course Providers

1. UI / UX Design Specialization, by Michael Worthington & Roman Jaster

The course is offered by Michael Worthington and Roman Jaster who are both faculty members of California Institute of Arts, Graphic Design department. Since it is offered by an actual institute, you are given a certificate at the end of it.

The course has a design-centric approach to user interface design and they offer not only theoretical experience but also practical. There are four consecutive courses and at the end of them, you will have learned about strategy of a project, wireframes, high fidelity mock-ups, developing site maps, and recent conventions in UI and UX design. Also, you will be expected to apply them to create your own project. 

The participants of UI / UX Design Specialization are eligible for 1 month free trial of their product suite of UX tools.

2. Web Design Essentials: Creating Marketing Homepages That Drive Results, by Dennis Field

The instructor of Web Design Essentials is Dennis Field who is a designer, educator, and a Product Evangelist at InVision. He aims to drive results after his 60-minute course for marketers and designers who are looking for landing page design courses. 

skillshare web design coursesskillshare web design courses

The course is also ideal for freelancer website designers and web design agencies for startups, and small web design teams. 

After completing this 60-minute course, you will be able to:

  • define the targets of a web page
  • create your own designs on Photoshop or Sketch
  • learn about user patterns and sketching with consideration
  • have the opportunity to collaborate with others on InVision

Upon completing the course, you will be aiming to achieve results of your designs, just like a professional designer will do.

3. UI/UX Design Bootcamp: Become a UI/UX Designer. Job Guaranteed., by Springboard

This course requires no background in design. All its asking from its participants is the eye for visual design and empathy with the user. If you can promise these two, then the course will welcome you on board.


UI/UX Design Bootcamp not only is a course with theoretical knowledge of web design but also a real externship where you will gain plenty of hands-on experience. The whole process takes 9 full months and then you will become a UI/UX designer with a rich portfolio to hunt jobs.

During the course, you will have a mentor who will be assisting you on your journey to become a skilled web designer.

4. Typography for Designers, by Mattox Shuler& Hope Armstrong

Among all the web design courses, Typography for Designers has an important place since typography is another important aspect of good design. This course will teach you everything you will need as a UX designer such as which typeface to choose, what to pay attention to while deciding on the layout, how to decide typographic hierarchy, and how to create responsive typography. 

Before going into detail, the course will start with the basics of typography and will teach you the foundations and terms of it. There will be 6 steps to complete the course:

  • How to choose and use the fonts
  • Web typography
  • Laying out type
  • Going further with the type

The teachers of the course Mattox Shuler and Hope Armstrong work together to provide you with the best typography learning experience.

5. Introduction to Axure RP for UI/UX Designers, Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is a passionate freelance UX designer, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler. She has both joined and taught many UI design courses and UX design courses. Currently, she is offering this Introduction to Axure RP course for curious designers.

The course is targeted at the students who do not know how to use wireframes and Axure. This may sound just like a very small detail of web design but indeed, it is very important when we consider how many clicks the website will get depending on its pixel-perfect wireframes. 

This course is open for anyone who would like to explore and improve themselves by learning how Axure RP works no matter which background they come from. 

6. Creating a Responsive Web Design, Chris Converse

The instructor of this course Chris Converse has 25 years of experience in graphic design, web development, and interactive and animated media. He knows HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, AngularJS, and many other languages. His years of experience convinced him to teach his skills to others who wish to have a career in web design.

If you join this course, you have a lot to learn from the instructor and his experience. You will definitely graduate as a well-equipped web designer.

7. Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS, by Brad Schiff

Brad Schiff is a web designer and a trainer who has been training professionals in fortune 100 companies for the last 12 years. He is also the creator and owner of the popular YouTube channel called ‘LearnWebCode’.

In this course, he is trying to train those who wish to pursue a career in web design by introducing them the real world coding in HTML and CSS.

He is promising you that this course will teach you every professional’s concepts and will prepare you for real-world experience.

8. Mobile App Design from scratch with Sketch 3 – Part 1 (UX Research), by Maxime Cormier

Maxime Cormier is an entrepreneur and web and mobile app designer who has started two startups and he has currently been teaching design and entrepreneurship at SciencesPo in Paris.

In his 3-hour course, you will be familiar with these:

  • complete design workflow
  • design examples
  • UX design techniques
  • basics of UI design
  • custom UI
  • advanced Sketch techniques
  • Icon design

Marketers who are looking for UX design courses should have a look at this one.

9. User Experience Design & Testing Intensive, by Rupert Hughes

This intensive course, which is offered by a professional trainer, is one of the most ideal web design courses for marketers who are seeking a user-experience design experience. It is a well-prepared introduction course composed of four main parts. 

Upon completing it, you are expected to:

  • master UX design principals
  • analyze user behavior
  • formulate effective testing procedures

The course is 100% online & trainer-led, offering to participate in group work and one-to-one mentorship for the participants.

10. Web Design Process, by Nick Pettit

The teacher of the course Nick Pettit gives you the opportunity to start from a blank page and end up with a completely finished website. In this course, you will learn this process step by step, while learning where to spend more time or what to pay attention to. 

At the end of this course, you will have the basics of web design so that you can continue on your way to becoming a terrific web designer.

Pettit promises to teach you the understanding of two concepts; design discovery and design exploration. Then you will have the required knowledge and experience to go on to achieve even better.

11. UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development, by Joe Natoli

This course is the fifth successful course by Joe Natoli on Udemy. The teacher is an experienced web designer with 29 years of experience in UX user experience. 

In this course, you will need:

  • Adobe Photoshop free trial version
  • Axure RP free trial version
  • Google free WordPress or any other hosting plan
  • The will to learn and explore the world of web design.

If you have all the above, then you are ready to go. The course will teach you everything you need about UX from design and content to coding.

If you are looking to find more web design courses, DAN Institute will help you to find the right course from the most prestigious online course providers.