Best Travel & Tourism Marketing Agencies With Case Studies in the UK

We have listed the best travel and tourism marketing agencies in the UK, which will make your readers check their passports as soon as they see your content.

Digital marketing agencies know how to attract your potential customers and they are very capable of convincing people into travelling to your place. The needs of visitors change and travel & tourism marketing agencies catch up with these.

For example, the travellers of post-COVID-19 are more careful about the hygiene procedures of the places they are visiting. This might not be their priority earlier, but now it is very important to choose a destination to visit. As a travel and tourism company, you should be very careful with the way you are announcing how clean your place is and what precautions you are taking as a company.

It is very sensitive communication. And travel & tourism marketing agencies are here to make people flood into your place by managing the content and sharing it in the correct media.

What are the top travel & tourism marketing agencies in the UK?

  • Crowd
  • Zest Digital
  • TIPi Group
  • CEEK Marketing
  • BeUniqueness
  • CSI Media
  • Chalk + Ward


With offices in Bournemouth and London, Crowd is an award-winning, global creative and performance media agency. They have a lot of experience in the travel and tourism industry, especially with Middle Eastern cities.

Ras Al Khaimah, situated at the northern part of the UAE, is a fascinating place to visit. However, it is not discovered by many – until the campaign by Crowd. Before the campaign ended, Crowd was able to generate over 300 million user impressions across all channels, and 6 million clicks to Ras Al Khaimah’s website. After the campaign success in 2019, Ras Al Khaimah reported the highest sales on record. Then, Ras Al Khaimah was awarded the title of Gulf Tourism Capital 2020.

Crowd is also one of the very few global agencies with a strong presence in China, which you can see through their work for Sichuan. Sichuan is a hidden gem in Southern China, which is a province full of pandas. With the campaign by Crowd, Visit Sichuan Tourist Board exceeded their KPIs.

As their successful case studies show, Crowd can be a great digital agency for your travel & tourism campaigns.

Zest Digital

Zest Digital is an award-winning digital growth agency with offices in Birmingham, London and Oxford. Their services include content marketing, PPC marketing, SEO, social media marketing, web design, UX design and digital strategy.


Wherever your target audience is, Zest Digital will find them through the correct channel with the perfect content at the wonderful time. In their recent work with Feldon Valley, a traditional golf course, they have reached more than 20,000 users. Just let them know what you need and they will serve more as your travel and tourism marketing agency.

TIPi Group

TIPi Group is a multi-award winning network of specialist digital agencies located in London. The group comprises four different digital agencies and each of them has experience in digital marketing campaigns for the travel and tourism industry.

As a luxury travel company, specialising in in affordable luxury holidays, hotels, tours & more, Best at Travel worked with them. They sought to bring about a steep YoY growth of PPC leads during the competitive peak month within the travel industry – January. By the end of the campaign, they reached a 73% YoY increase in PPC lead volume (52% ahead of target) and a 26% increase in overall business revenue (8% ahead of target).

Before deciding to partner with them as your travel and tourism marketing agency, you can explore their website and case studies.

CEEK Marketing

CEEK Marketing is a digital marketing and social media consultancy. Although they are headquartered in London, they also have offices in Brighton and Manchester. Their services include social media marketing, SEO, paid targeting, web development, content and creative.

They have collaborated with The Lookout Sri Lanka, a top luxury private villa in Sri Lanka. The project consisted of website development, SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, content creation and paid targeting.

Through high-quality content and a highly engaged social media marketing plan, it has now been established as a location which people envy and desire to stay at purely for the aesthetics. If you want to collaborate with them too, you can easily contact them through their website.


Manchester-based digital agency BeUniqueness, provides digital marketing solutions for SMEs across a range of sectors.

As they describe in an example case above, BeUniqueness can support your travel company with content marketing, social media management, PPC, call tracking and web survey.

They are a great travel and tourism marketing agency which does not apply “one size fits all” approach, and create strategies just for your travel company.

CSI Media

CSI Media is an award-winning website and software design & development agency with over 22 years’ experience, located in Manchester.

As a travel and tourism marketing agency, CSI Media has worked with Pissup Tours and Hovertravel companies. Pissup Tours is an international travel agency that organises stag dos. Sounds interesting? Yes, for the last 17 years, they have organized 150,000 stag parties. CSI Media redesigned the website for them to make it more user and mobile-friendly, also did a rebranding by creating a new colour scheme and logo refresh.

As for Hovertravel, it is a commercial hovercraft operator and is the only scheduled passenger-hovercraft service in Europe. They required a new travel booking system for their busy hovercraft service, which CSI Media successfully designed for them.

Chalk + Ward

Chalk + Ward is a London-based market-leading, branding and digital agency. Travel and tourism industry is a world itself. Luckily, Chalk + Ward has already worked with different types of clients from this industry. SOme of their travel and tourism clients are Crealy Theme Park & Resort, Buckfast Abbey and Safari Drive.

In all their case studies, Chalk + Ward has performed great work, successfully ending up with more tourists, in your words customers.


Located in London, SHERPA is a digital experience design studio. You can easily check their portfolio through their website or Behance profile.

In their current work with Tots to Travel, SHERPA redesigned their website and implemented some UI&UX fixes. You can see the design by SHERPA on all around their webpages.

Hope this article has cleared the air a little bit for you while making up your mind to select a digital agency to work with for your travel and tourism company.

We have done our best to list the best travel and tourism marketing agencies with great case studies in the UK. You can visit our directory if you want to explore the other best digital agencies in the UK.