Ultimate list of 16 FREE digital marketing resources during the coronavirus outbreak

While the coronavirus is spreading across the world’s population, some are busy proving that humanity still exists. They are doing everything in their power to help others survive these difficult times. Leading digital marketing companies are also not behind in this race and are offering many of their resources, worth thousands of pounds, free of cost.

Here is a list of all the tools, courses, and seminars companies have recently made free to make the isolation a little less painful.

1.    MOZ Academy: MOZ

MOZ is one of the most prominent players in the world of digital marketing. Its academy is one of the most useful resources with everything a professional in this field can ask for. It has released over a dozen on-demand courses to help you level up your digital marketing skills during the Coronavirus crisis. Go to the MOZ Academy link, log in or sign up, and use the code “wegotthis at checkout to get the course for free.

  • Original value: $3,015 (£2214.44)
  • Termination date: Not specified

2.    Blogging for Business: Ahrefs

Blogging for Business by Ahrefs is one of the most in-depth courses on blogging you will ever find. It covers every small detail from the effect of content marketing to building links. Tim Soulo, CMO and Product advisor of Ahrefs, announced this course for free on their Business Insider Facebook group, and the feedback has been amazing from all its loyal customers. Whether you are an Ahrefs lover or not, this course is not something you should miss even with its original price, and now you can get it for free! 

  • Original value: $799 (£586.85)
  • Termination date: Not specified

3.    Advanced SEO course: Craig Campbell

If you are looking for a course that starts SEO from a beginner level and takes you to an advanced level, then the advanced SEO course by Craig Campbell is not something to overlook. It starts with an introduction to SEO and ends with in-depth practices of marketing automation tools.

  • Original value: £999
  • Termination date: Within 7 days of release

4.    SEO Courses: Spocket 

Spocket has 40 courses for every field of digital marketing from social media management to search engine optimization. Its SEO courses have earned a good name due to their quality. You can access all these courses free of cost to enhance your skill sets.

  • Original value: $19.98 (£14.61) per course
  • Termination date: Not specified
You can learn variety of online course for free right now

5.    Online Business ToolKit: SPI Media

Smart Passive Income Media has assembled one of the biggest and most expensive toolkits of online resources that includes many premium courses and books. These resources discuss every corner of business and would turn any novice into an expert entrepreneur.

  • Original value: $1 million
  • Termination date: Not specified

6.    Free online digital marketing courses and exams: SEMrush Academy

SEMrush offers a product that is leading today’s digital marketing world. It has one of the biggest ranges of courses, and it offers all of them free of cost. SEMrush also gives you a certificate when you pass its test after the studying course.

  • Original value: Free (but priceless)
  • Termination date: Free forever

SEMrush have also opened up free access to their Social Media Toolkit and Lead Generation service Oppty!

7.    Schema.org advanced bootcamp: Schema App

Although not many are paying attention to it, schema markup is becoming a necessity to rank in search engines. Schema App realised it before anyone else and started offering schema markup tools and training courses. These premium courses are available for free during the corona outbreak.  

  • Original value: $299 (£219.61)
  • Termination date: Not specified

8.    All-around SEO Training: YOAST

Yoast is not just an add-on to optimize content for search engines. It’s a company that offers several SEO tools and courses. All of its basic courses can be accessed free of cost. 

  • Original value: $199 (£146.16)
  • Termination date: Not specified

9.    Lab Plus courses and books: Digital marketer

Digital marketer offers its lab comprising 36 marketing playbooks and 11 comprehensive masterclasses free of cost to help those impacted by recent changes. These courses teach you everything from email marketing to data analytics. 

  • Original value: $5,445 (£3999.22)
  • Termination date: Until 31st March

10. Traffic Research bunker edition

Traffic Research is giving out a selection of 15 SEO training sessions for free. These are some of the courses taken from the Premium Addition that teach how to increase online sales without paid advertisement. Simply visit their website and sign up without providing any credit card information to these access courses. 

  • Original value: $97 (£71.24) per month (for premium addition)
  • Termination date: Until 15th April

11. LRT Associate training: Link Research Tools

Link Research Tool offers an SEO certification that it claims to teach unique and effectual link building methods. It is offering this resource for free to support social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak. You also get its certification as proof after completing its course. 

  • Original value: €445 (£397.23)
  • Termination date: Not specified

12. Content marketing: Siege Media

Content marketing has been here when there was no concept of SEO or digital marketing, and it will stay when all other channels would have disappeared. Siege Media offers a 45 lesson content marketing course that helps increase organic traffic and leads. 

  • Original value: $749 (£550.12)
  • Termination date: Not specified

13. CXL Minidegree

CXL has released a Growth Marketing Minidegree, especially for people whose livelihood was affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. These people belong to industries of transportation, food, travel, and hospitality. They can learn digital analytics, conversion optimisation, and digital psychology to revive their careers. 

  • Original value: $699 (£513.40)
  • Termination date: 12 weeks after you join

14. SEO and digital marketing course: Lily Ray

Lily Ray, SEO Director at Path Interactive, has taken the initiative to help connecting businesses that suffered because of the recent changes. You can visit her site and fill the form to access SEO and digital marketing courses taught by experienced professionals in the field.

  • Original value: Not specified
  • Termination date: Not specified

15. SEO challenge: Fuel Your Photos

Not sure if it has got anything to do with the virus outbreak, but this an opportunity to grow in SEO, and it was released at such a time of need. Fuel Your Photos has shared a seven-day free training/challenge programme to help photographers start doing their own SEO. More than two thousand photographers have already signed up for this challenge. You receive an email with a challenge all the resources to help you complete it.

  • Original value: Not specified
  • Termination date: Seven days after you join

16. The BrandBuildr concept (restaurant edition): BrandBuildr

BrandBuildr has released a course specifically for restaurants and other food businesses that have suffered because of the outbreak. This course teaches how they can get customers online and revive their business through takeaways and deliveries. You will have to DM @thedannybuck on Twitter to get a code to access this course for free.

  • Original value: £49
  • Termination date: Not specified


17. SEO Manager Certification: Blue Array Academy

Blue Array Academy are offering their courses to obtain the SEO manager certification completely free. To receive this offer you must simply add code ‘WeGotYouCovered at the checkout! With 21 modules and 27+ hours of content this will be sure to make you an SEO expert!

  • Original value: £997
  • Termination date: End of June

If you know any other free digital marketing resources please let us know and we’ll update this list. Email us at hello@minttwist.com with your contributions.


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