What Are the Top 5 Reasons for a Slow Website?

Website speed plays a vital role when it comes to website performance and growth of the website. It affects various metrics including SEO, and conversion rate.

In today’s world where Google has clearly stated that website load time has an impact on the search results, everybody from the top of the cycle (web developers) to digital marketer focuses a lot on this metric.

Having a slow website is a nightmare to a lot of people these days. A huge load time means basically you are losing 50% of your customers. After all, no one likes to browse a website that is slow.

Slow Web Hosting

Websites also load slowly due to the server issues. You know, a server is like a generator, it sleeps before someone clicks on the website and then starts loading like a car with a key inserted in the inflammation.

How this happens is that your browser notifies your server that it must submit the website data to load the site. If the server has a challenge, it takes longer than average. Some of the reasons for having a slow server are.

  • You have a free server
  • You are using a bad service with poor support
  • You have high traffic, and it is time to update your server

What Is the Solution?

HostGator is one of the recognized website server service providing company. It is one of the fastest. Also, one of the best options will be Bluehost, which has most WordPress websites hosted on.

It is recommended to use a VPS server for better performance. However, shared hosting is also a good option if you do not have a lot of people visiting your website on a regular basis.


No Cache Installed

Today most web pages are interactive, which implies they draw from a knowledge source, enter the pulled details into models and serve it for you.

This occurs any time someone requests a page from the website, and the time it takes to do this depends on the effectiveness of the code and the capacity of certain servers.

Think it this way, it is like drawing a business card or printing it when someone asks for it. Meanwhile, with cache, you have already printed it and stored in your system. So, when someone asks for a business card, you just hand it out to them.

What Is the Solution?

If you are using WordPress, installing a cache plugin is easy. WP Rocket is one of the best cache plugins when it comes to WordPress. When it comes to installing cache on non-WP website, it is better to contact a programmer who can play with codes in the server-side.


Can you recall the old days of the Internet dial-up? A big picture would take up to a minute to load, a little at a time! After broadband, conditions have changed, but the basic rule always holds.

The server holds information, text, and pictures. This is like our client taking the inventory from behind. It is easy when you think about it like that. Big, bulky goods can take longer to be delivered.

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A big photo can take a long time to load. If you have a lot of big pictures on your website, you add extra time for loading each file. The file format is relevant here as well. Browsers will easily and nicely load JPG, PNG, and GIF files. However, strong formats such as TIFF and BMP can consume big bits in your time of loading. Avoid them!

What Is the Solution?

Use compressed image types. Also, you can use image compression plugins for WordPress. When it comes to videos it is best recommended to reduce its size using various PC application.

Lots of Plugins on WordPress

WordPress powers more than 27% of all websites. On WordPress, we can install various plugins to add the functionality of the website. However, with power comes responsibilities. I mean to say- with plugins comes bulky lines of codes.

Too many plugins – or even a few very weighty ones – will drag down your website and cause poor results. It is wise to still uninstall plugins that you do not use to reduce the risk of this arising.

Some plugins can even conflict with the caching of the pages of your web. If you are operating a Proxy Cache Purge addon, you will decide which plugins are causing the issue by navigating to Proxy Cache > Check Caching.

What Is the Solution?

  • Try to use less WordPress plugins as possible
  • Filter and delete plugins you do not need any more monthly

Server Location

If you have ever made a long-distance call, you realise that having the connection takes longer. That is how the information must fly there physically. The data is transmitted through cables and satellites.

A related thing happens with a website click. You give a response to the server when you press on a website. You are calling to load it.

Let us presume the server is in the Dallas, TX. After clicking on your website from Tokyo, Japan, the information must fly all the way across the Pacific Ocean. The browser needs to make the request. And the data must fly back across the ocean to load it on the visitor’s device.

Data is quick. Data is fast. But this is not magic!

What Is the Solution?

A lot of hosting companies host data on multiple locations. It is essential to choose your requirements and go with the hosting company that suits best to you and most of your targeted audience.

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