What is SEO Outsourcing? Dos and Don’t of Outsourcing SEO

SEO outsourcing is evolving as a common practice these days. The two key reasons companies decide to outsource are to minimise costs and to be able to concentrate on core company priorities and planning.

But the report indicates a transition in business thought. Outsourcing is no longer all about saving money. In creativity, it is used as a vital instrument.

What is SEO Outsourcing?

SEO Outsourcing can also be defined as the act of handing the responsibility for search engine optimization work to an outside provider, which would otherwise be an internal service. It’s known as Offshore SEO Outsourcing if you outsource SEO services outside your country or primary sector.

Off-page SEO services, which include functions such as link building, social bookmarking, content publishing, local business listings and PPC ads, and on-page SEO services, which include functions such as HTML job optimization, keyword testing and strategic analysis, are also split into two types of SEO outsourcing.

SEO facilities are usually outsourced for cost efficiency and time savings.

How to Outsource SEO?

Outsourcing SEO is not as easy as working in any other industry. Fact is; SEO takes time and most of the outsourcing companies tend to fool people around with the reports explaining that the results are going to be visible from the next month.

Most of the other outsourcing jobs finish as you hand over the job. It is a  different case when it comes to SEO. Choosing the right company is the key. However, your job doesn’t end here.

  • Chose the right company with a reputed client base
  • Always align with your marketing and branding goals
  • Set measurable targets and also explain your expectations
  • Agree on an action plan and assess the amount of work
  • Track progress on monthly basis and always ask for reports

Inhouse SEO vs Outsourcing SEO?

Some SEO activities require skills and expertise, although non-SEO persons may also perform certain others. You can opt to develop some in-house expertise for the soft tasks based on the availability of the workforce and on the budget you have for outsourcing SEO, and use the outsourcing resources on the tasks that require a skilled SEO expert‘s attention.

Especially when working with a country overseas, you cannot exercise legal treatment in case the company turns out to be a fraud. Also, some clients are very fragile and require a lot of attention. Some of them also like to know what is happing and what steps are being taken towards their goals.

There are many advantages of outsourcing SEO, cost being the prime one. However, inhouse SEO also has its own benefits which cannot be neglected. The best option for any business will be a combination of in house and outsourced SEO in order to achieve the maximum results.

Should you Outsource Website SEO?

The choice is essentially up to you, and whatever you decide is right for your business. We suggest contracting your SEO job to an external firm if you are a smaller, more flexible business with a minimal budget.

If you are a big enterprise and can afford an enhancement to your marketing staff, an in-house SEO team might be worth exploring. Getting an SEO expert attached to the communications staff means depending on someone in the workplace who can better enforce policies that are better tailored to the company’s needs in an intimate manner.

Your organisation will be more adaptable with an in-house staff, have the ability to tweak tactics, and provide regular reviews and updates on their optimization activities.

Meanwhile, a good SEO company will give you all the necessary features and tailors things according to you. Such as Nifty Marketing is able to handle SEO projects with satisfaction for clients ranging from plumbers to landscapers.

Dos and Don’t of SEO Outsourcing


  • Check the history and portfolio before outsourcing
  • Regularly check the progress and ask for reports
  • Document things and assess the company’s needs


  • Don’t give full control to overseas companies
  • Don’t lose your backups or delete them
  • Don’t forget to align with your marketing goals


When recruiting an outsourced SEO firm, there are a number of different things to be considered. There are some drawbacks and some advantages, along with most company decisions. Make sure to get all the facts right in advance, no matter what you decide. Professional SEO experts can be a wonderful long-term investment that can spare you a lot of headaches. If you find the right individual for the job, that is.

For any organisation, choosing between in-house and outsourced SEO is an essential decision. Your budget, your business structure, and the capacity of your business to facilitate a team of SEO experts would be the main determining factor.

To explore your company and organic search marketing priorities, get in touch with Nifty Marketing for a private, no-obligation SEO consultation.